November 29, 2007

christmas music.

if you haven't found Christmas music that you like yet...among all the so-called annoying music you hear on the radio and in the malls these days....

listen to Sufjan Steven's five Christmas Albums. you'll love them.

i think i like them because they don't always have perfect intonation. or perfect harmonies. they improvise. make up parts. they're just having fun singing and playing Christmas songs. they're sharing their joy of Christmas with the world. and don't care if it's not perfect.

and it's beautiful. easy to listen to. relaxing. in a Sufjan kind of way.

oh, i love Christmas music. gives me the fuzzy, warm feel of winter and Christmas time.


//brittni said...

i love sufjan christmas music cause sometimes it just sounds so dang awful.

but in such a wonderful way

nadine said...

See? I was right, music CAN still sound beautiful when it's not played perfectly in a messed up kind of way.

Carol-Lee Joy said...

amen, Brittni.
and yes, you were right, Nadine!

Ben said...

Yeah, he pretty much has "the creepy Christmas feeling" down to an art.

Christmas has too much soul for my mind, I think my brain is going to blow up if I keep thinking about it.

Carol-Lee Joy said...

Ben: you know that song you like from sufjan? the one we played at Keith's screening? i've been listenting to that one a lot and everytime, i think of you at Redeemer that one time when you turned it up in the Senate office and you could hear it...and you...all the way down the hall. i like that memory:) good song!

Ben said...