December 5, 2007


so apparently some people thought my last post was

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and here I sit while millions of people my age are stressing about exams. I'm glad I'm not one of them. I just stress out for them because I know what exams are like. Well, not four in one week, but I know exams are stressful. I think I'll be there in the spring. Don't get too jealous of me yet:) My time is coming. One Advanced Harmony 5 exam and one History 5 Romantic Era to the Present exam within two days in May, and a lovely Practical ARCT Piano (with two parts, one playing, and one teaching) exam in June. ugh. So while I support all you in exams right now, I expect it all back in a few months. :)

commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established. proverbs 16:3


Brad and Jacinda said...

yeah, you're definitely lucky! :) I have three papers that are EACH worth 25% of my final mark due two weeks AFTER Christmas break! Yikes!

nadine said...

Your last post WAS interesting. I thought so anyways. Maybe that is just because I don't have to sit and read stuff like that every's quite possible.

Exams are going to suck...real bad.