December 27, 2007

they're gone. but the partying continues.

my relatives left at 6:00 this morning. and yes, I got up to say goodbye. (I didn't cry!)

haha. and then I went back to bed. It felt good.

So today my whole family, minus me of course, went to Blue Mountain with my mom's brother to go skiing/snowboarding for the first time ever. Lucky them. I'm staying home...and going to another Christmas thing...and protecting my very important limbs from breakage.

What do I do at home all alone? For a whole entire morning? Well, pumping the stereo is a given...maybe I'll work on my puzzle.....and take a nap:)


//brittni said...

..".and going to another Christmas thing.."

my house! WOOOOO!

nadine said...

My family! Wooohooo! I love 'em.

I think I want to do a puzzle now...