January 6, 2008

church this morning.

On the good and faithful God has set His love;
When they call He sends them blessings from above.
Stand in awe, and sin not, bid your heart be still;
Through the silent watches think upon His will.

Lay upon God’s altar good and loving deeds,
And in all things trust Him to supply your needs.
Anxious and despairing, many walk in night;
But to those that fear Him God will send His light.

In God’s love abiding, I have joy and peace
More than all the wicked, though their wealth increase.
In His care confiding, I will sweetly sleep.
For the Lord, my Savior, will in safety keep.


Karen said...

Hey, I think we sang that song in our church last week when your pastor (Rev. Hieberg) preached for us, you probably just heard the same sermons that I did. :)

nadine said...

I wish I knew the tune.

Karen said...

It has the same tune as "In the hour of Trial" and it's based on Psalm 4.