February 21, 2008


I just finished that crazy big project.

Now I can finally get back to studying that History.

And register for four exams....ahhh!!

Somehow actually registering for them makes is so much more real and scary and stressful.


nadine said...

Now I can't lecture you anymore!
:P Good job Carol-Lee.

Four? Ick. You should create a petition stating that four exams at one time is insanely ridiculous.

Carol-Lee Joy said...

Yes, I should. Will you help me? Because I'm still swamped with studying....so much so that I have to for-go a mini family vacation next week:(

nadine said...

I will definitely assist you in this petition. (I had four exams last semester and have four again this semester, so I am in the same boat!)

Ooo, where are you going?

Carol-Lee Joy said...

I'm staying home.....to study.

nadine said...

I meant where are they going...