February 1, 2008

fast over.

After almost one whole month, I am finally back.

Fasting is good, even though it's [insert extreme word here] hard!

Okay, I need to catch up in the blogging world. I'm going to start by checking everyone else's blogs:)


nadine said...


Carol-Lee Joy said...

haha...what do you do? check to see if I'm back yet every few hours? lol

Captain Carrot said...

hey...you could have used 'superlative' there..that would be an apt usage! just thought I'd point that out. My progamming professor used the word superlative in class the other day! I laughed.

nadine said...

Do I?

No, just every day :P

Maria said...

Hooray! I always look forward to your uplifting comments on my blog, Carol-lee.