April 28, 2008

juggernaut - crushing force: a force that is relentlessly destructive, crushing, and insensitive

Juggernaut, Juggernaut

This seems too big for me
hulking monstrosity
too late to get out now
And like the speed of sound
this thing has brought me down
I don’t remember how
I want to be free
but Juggernaut is killing me
Freedom like a song
The weak shall be made strong
I may sink before I swim
but I’m not giving in to you
Juggernaut, Juggernaut
Beneath machinery
specter of treachery
and I’ve lost everything
And I am getting out
the shadow of my doubt
is suffocating
my own worst enemy
this Juggernaut is killing me
From machines that I have made
I’ve become the slave
but I’ve been carried along
freedom like a song
Freedom lifts me like a song
when the weak shall be made strong...

these exams are pushing me down. i don't remember how. a crushing force.

but i will not let it get me down. freedom like a song. Christ Jesus. in my weakness i can be strong.

in Christ Jesus I can have courage. strength. freedom. joy. peace.

1 comment:

Captain Carrot said...

you can do it, I know you can! Common, Joy, do that thing! Woohoo