May 16, 2008

one, two, three, or four? which type are you? a combo? me too!

I was reading a book on teaching today. There were a few chapters on character types. I always find these kind of things really interesting...and usually kind of embarrassing once I discover what my 'type' is. In this case, I'm a mix of two...possibly three. What are you???

Type Casting
That's a Good Question
by Marienne Uszler

Some people are literal and factual. They respond to order and are willing to obey rules, but they also expect others to do the same and are uncomfortable, perhaps resentful, if this isn't the case. They try to do what's expected, but they always want to know exactly what's expected, and they're seldom interested to go beyond any stated perimeters. They're usually dependable, and feel they should be rewarded for this. They want to know what and where the boundaries are.

Other people are interested in facts and activities as long as they find them attractive or useful. For them, it's more important to be active than to follow procedures. They like to plunge right in, without preparation or guidance, trusting their instincts. Their interests can be short-lived, and they hope from one activity to another with no care as to whether the activity is completed or successful, often abandoning the activity if they meet any snags.

Then there are the people who, though they can quickly grasp facts and store them for future use, always want to know what's behind the facts, why they're true. They're sometimes willing to follow rules, but often feel that they can jump ahead and second-guess what the outcome should be. They love working alone, thinking through things at their own speed, making their own plans. They enjoy research and can be very persistent tracking down details that seem important to them.

For some people, feeling are far more important than facts. They follow rules largely because they know that will please others. They wish to like, and be liked. They enjoy working in groups because this offers human interactions and sometimes gives them a chance to help others (which they love to do). Because they live close to their own emotions, they can't function well if they feel that anything is "wrong", or if they or someone else may be "hurting".


ding said...

Oy. I think I'm a tetrahedral person.
I have aspects of each type.
That's a little wierd.

//brittni said...

I think I am mostly a cross between a Do-er and Feel-er

maybe. who knows?

ding said...

It's kind of a tough call.

a) I am literal and factual=Follow-er
b) I like to plunge right in, without preparation or guidance=Do-er
c) I want to know what's behind facts, why they're true=Think-er
d) I like human interactions(usually) and I definitely can't do anything when I(or someone I care about) feels crappy=Feel-er

This seems like a très difficile book to read.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm a thinker and a lot more of a feeler than I'd like to admit.
Funny how descriptions always leave you dissatisfied,though. Somehow "boxes" fall short of who each person is . . . maybe because they are created in the image of God?
Fun, tho.

Kathleen said...

I know what I am. It just screamed out at me when I read it.


It makes me feel good and bad at the same time.

Kyle said...

no idea. haha oh well