June 6, 2008

some things.

it takes me forever to fall asleep these days. and my sleep is never a good sleep. i think i need to go back to work.

i can't wait until my exam is over so i can go to work and not feel lazy at home. and i'm getting sick of practicing the same old songs every day. one more week!

there are some people that i really need to hang out with again. cause it's been too long.

youth group is over after tomorrow night. i'm kind of sad about that.

life can seem very boring and repetitive sometimes.

i seem to have forgotten about journaling.

- - - - -

some musings on the whole concept of love in the Bible. love for others.

love is not self-seeking.
love always protects.
loves does no harm to its neighbor.
love must be sincere.
love honors one another above yourself.
love is being devoted to one another.
love is a debt that is never finished being paid.
love fulfills the law.

love is a garment that i often forget to put on.

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