March 24, 2009

I like driving dad's truck.

I greatly enjoy stereo's that produce a very clear, defined sound.

Just putting that out there.


//brittni said...

*stereos, my dear.
but I concur.

Carol-Lee Joy said...

Yes, stereos.

I have come to grips with my fate: I can't spell.

But in all honesty, I knew I had spelled it wrong, but was too lazy to figure out what was wrong because it was really late.

Kira said...

So does my Dad...but on an unnatural scale.

Kira: "Dad that was a really good movie I just watched. Like it really made me think."

Dad: "Did it have good sound? because then I'll watch it."

Kira: "Oh Dad."

Carol-Lee Joy said...

haha. That sounds like him:) But hey, it's great to benefit from a dad's desire for good sounding stereos!