November 16, 2007


i think friday is my second favorite day (sunday is the best). because friday is the last study day before the weekend. firday means a whole day at home with no where to go all day. and it means baking:) which i like doing.

the weekend means i get to forget about the stress of studying for two whole days (except for practicing). and it usually involves family time, friends time, time with God and His family. spiritual encouragment. youth group. time when i get to be bored. which i admit, i don't like very much. but it's good all the same. because during the week, that time never finds me. it involves work at the ballet studio (which is the worst part about the weekends).

the weekend means God and church and singing and worship and the family of God.

Give unto the Lord the glory due His name;
Worship the Lord in the beauty (splendor) of holiness.
Psalm 29:2
i like the weekend.


//brittni said...

hurray for weekend!

Brad and Jacinda said...

I hear ya!

Wes and Jana are coming down this weekend so the WHOLE family will be here for a big birthday bash!!! Wes' was this week and Jana's is on Monday......hope you have a God-filled, delightful weekend!

see hi to your family for me.

and your sweetheart :P