November 15, 2007

home alone.

it's weird being home alone. what do you do when you're home alone?

i play music and sing really loud. or turn up my favorite cd. just to break the silence. (and cause then i know no one is watching and listening to my cracking voice:)

maybe i should re-think that. and use the silence for God time and prayer. with no distractions.

gotta go.


Brad and Jacinda said...

I do the same thing! sometimes I dance. sometimes I'm a wannabe acrobat, pulling all sorts of crazy moves and positions. and usually tearing a couple ligaments while I'm at it. :P

you're right. I wonder how much we'd grow spiritually if we used every spare moment for God instead of self.

Kind of a staggering thought

justine said...

yeh--that friday night spent at home alone is sometimes 'socially unacceptable', but actually brilliant. definitely doesn't happen enough!

nadine said...

Pretty sure when I'm home alone, I dance and sing ... a lot. I'm also pretty sure that if someone saw they would laugh pretty hard and I think I would too, because it would be pretty funny to see.

Yup...that is probably my deepest, darkest secret EVER. And now I announced it on the internet....real clever, Nadine, real clever.

Carol-Lee Joy said...

darkest secret?

i guess that makes three of us confessing that we do the same thing...i wouldn't call it dark.

i'd call it fun:)

nadine said...

That's true.
It's not a very dark thing to let people know. : P

Pretty sure I could potentially think of something worse.