December 13, 2007

i'm blogging this for Ben and Anton:)


because i played a
harpsichord on Monday before the choir concert.

and i didn't just play anything on it. i played a fugue.

wish you could have heard it. it would have made you laugh.

sorry everyone else....there's an inside joke here:)


Brad and Jacinda said...

inside jokes are mean and nasty. period.

unless, of course I'm on the inside :P

Captain Carrot said...

thats soo cool!

nadine said...

You played a harpsichord!?!?!?!

Those are so cool!
I wish I could have heard it.

Ben said...

WOAH! That's a dream come true, a really really bad dream. A nightmare. Actually, I bet you made it sound awesome.

Carol-Lee Joy said...

ha...what a nice friend you are Ben. actually, I only played it for like 30 seconds, but it was kinda wierd. I didn't really like it that much. Piano is like....190% better.

Maria said...

I'm definately jealous. Playing a harpsichord is on my list of things to do.