March 20, 2008


You know what I realized today? That there are things...lots of things...I wouldn't know about people if there were no such thing as blogs.

That's sad.

Is blogger making our lives more difficult and fake, or is it helping us?

I can't decide.


justine said...

that's a hard one.

Captain Carrot said...

I've wondered about this a lot. Thats part of my beef with facebook too..I feel like anyone can know me just by looking on the internet. It takes the place of interaction, which is kind of like taking the travelling time out of vacation...I guess some people just hate that part and would rather skip it, but to me the drive is half of the adventure

Or like..imagine two people getting married without any courtship or dating time...its like there is no experience of that process of getting to know one another, just short-track to being married. Sure, marriage is probably amazing and beautiful(I'm not married) but so is the inbetween. And with friends too..the getting to know one another is a big thing.

One of my best memories that I have with my friend Mieke is the first time I ever talked to her...I didn't know anything about her, and didn't think she wanted to know me because she seemed shy..but she came up to me and yelled "HI ANTON" in a really loud voice..I pretty much sat down, I was so surprised. But it was a funny thing, and now we are good friends and every now and then we go up to eachother and yell "HI EACHOTHER" at the top of our voices. Its fun. But that would never have happened if I'd met her on facebook or on her blog...also I'd feel like a creep. But I don't!

Another thing is that its really easy to put someone else's life on your blog...I'm not going to accuse, because either everyone I know is really good at hiding it or they are pretty real, don't see a whole person on a blog..Like your blog name, Carol-Lee, its just a fragment of you. Its like listening to a sonata by mozart on the sounds like garbage. But when you are in a big room with a grande piano and someone is just playing it with all their heart, its totally breathtaking! Its real.