April 17, 2008

muscular damage

Did I fail to mention that?

Oh dear. Well, let me do so now. I am having a hard time walking today...hobbling around is the best I can do. Too much inactivity, then a burst of two hours of hard-core dancing, and then too much inactivity is not so good for me. My muscles are screaming at me!


Captain Carrot said...

you should do some stretches...pretend you are going to go for a run or something! Thats what I always do in the summer before work, and it makes me feel like 10 years younger!


ding said...

Or, do lunges.

Captain Carrot said...

yah, you could do that too!

what are lunges?

Carol-Lee Joy said...


ding said...

You don't know what lunges are? Allow me to enlighten you:
Stand with your feet together. Then, step forward with your right foot until your right knee makes a right angle, and your left knee is two decimal three nine two inches above the ground. Hold for five decimal two one four seconds. Then, retract your right foot, and return to a feet-together position.
Repeat with left foot.
Repeat with right foot.
Repeat with left foot.

Continue alternating left and right feet, until you are mildly tired. If you are panting, you have lunged for too long.

I hope you now understand the complexities and beauties of the lunge.

Captain Carrot said...

make sure you are wearing shorts, because it doesnt feel very nice with pants on!

kira said...

or you could just take a hot bath with some epsom salts.

Carol-Lee Joy said...

it's almost better!

the lunge didn't work for me. the reason was that it was my lower leg that was tight, not my upper leg.

the stretch I used was this:
stand with both feet beside each other. extend left leg so that your heel is on the ground, and your toes are pointing up - your foot and leg should form a 90 degree angle. feel that stretch!