April 17, 2008

godly advise is the request

I little while ago, someone asked me this question. I would like to open it up to the rest of you to help me in giving advise.

If a friend were to ask you advice, and on your response, rip you apart for 'intruding' on their business, saying that they had never asked you for advice (though you can recall the precise words they said to you, asking for it), what would you do? I'm stuck in a situation like this, and unsure as of how to handle such reaction to what I thought was help...
Thank you in advance. It is much appreciated!


Ben said...

I would leave him/her alone for a while. It's probably what he/she needs most.

Captain Carrot said...

yeah...what ben said^

If I were you, I would try to ignore the fact that they blew up at you and ripped you apart for your advice. They asked for it, and they should have been ready to hear it. Sometimes when you ask people for advice, you have to hear them tell you things you don't want to hear.

They might seem like they are being unreasonable for getting mad at you when they asked you for help..but i'd say they are more likely just feeling defensive because your advice makes them realize things they wish were not true... so don't take it personally.

That being said, you told them what you think, and if you really believe what you said was right, then you just need to stand by it. You know they may never thank you for your advice, and you may never even see how they use it, but you just need to trust that God gave you the words to say..because he always does!

Matthew 10:19-20 says that it is not us who speak, but it is the Spirit of God speaking through us. So don't feel ashamed that they didn't like what you said..thats not necessarily your fault, and there might not have been anything you could have done to avoid it without lying to them about what you really think. But try to love them even though they are mad at you. And pray..God will work it out!