January 12, 2009

On Journaling

                 I found this on two different sites online.

Journaling is helpful and beneficial because:

1. It is a route to self-correction and self development.
2. Proven method of self help or healing that is used by many clinical psychologists.
3. The ability to transcribe thoughts helps to identify where negativity is coming from.
4. It can be an easy solution to complicated problems; helps solve tricky problems.
5. Can help you gain clarity in decisions etc.
6. Your progress in working through things (life) is recorded, and you can go back and read it anytime you need to (for encouragement, reminders etc).

What do you think about this? Are these true statements? Is journaling good and okay for these things? 

Is it okay to be pretty reliant on journaling to keep your thoughts - and thus your emotional, spiritual, and mental state - in order?


justine said...

yes and yes!
writing keeps thoughts and words organized, and it's so amazing to go back in time and read that shoe-box full of journals from 3 years ago. Even 3 months ago is great. heh.

except: it's hard to switch to 'contemplative prayer' mode, like in my saturday class---because you (well, I have found this...) develop the desire to record things and write down your thoughts in beautiful words. So instead of enjoying God in the moment for who he is, you're stepping back one and recording yourself in your enjoyment. That's a switch that needs to be engaged, or else you start to experience life as an observer rather than as a participant.

Carol-Lee Joy said...

Hmm...that is interesting. Thanks for that thought, Justine. I will watch out for that!

Brad and Jacinda said...

*sigh you're right.

And that's why I'm back!