March 2, 2009

sunshine state

It's cold. But the pool is warm.

So I spent time enough in it to get my first burn.


//brittni said...

It is warmer there than it is here, I assure you. I'm trying my best not to be jealous.

kira said...

it took me like 30 seconds to remember you were in florida
in the meantime i was wondering why the heck you were swimming in this weather

justine said...

haahaha kira lol

and yes, somewhat jealous. it's sunny here too but definitely too cold to sit in the sun long enough for a burn...sigh...

nadine j. muis said...

hahah Kira.

I hope you are having a splendid time.

Yeah, sunny here, but still cold. Much too cold. But, kind of lovely at the same time.
But, no burning!